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Sales & Marketing is the face and voice of your business.

In the traditional, digital, mobile, and cross-channel environment, this team brings to life your business strategy, social purpose, brand promise, employee culture, and customer experience.

Online platforms have disrupted the customer experience and the sales environment forever. Each purchase, preference, and page view is captured, stored, and processed. Customers are not just the sum of their data; they engage with brands on a deeply personal level.

It’s a complex matrix. The most talented sales & marketing professionals have wide-ranging skills; they combine creative approaches with analytical depth to create a magnetic field around customers, products, employees, and brands.

In the rapidly evolving marketplace, marketing officers are brand custodians, driving strategy and implementation and shaping a global sales environment. It’s physical, virtual, and immersive. It’s more complex than ever before.

We find data-driven sales & marketing leaders who have digital DNA. They are creative analysts who are partners to the C-suite and integral to business performance in a fast-paced, digital economy.


We find the best sales & marketing leaders for our clients, including:
Chief Marketing Officer
Director, Digital Strategy
Director, Marketing & Communications
Product Marketing Manager
Head of Marketing Analytics
Chief Revenue Officer
Executive Director, Business Development
Head of Sales
Executive Vice President of Sales
Senior Account Director
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