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Talent is not a single conversation. It is a line of thought that turns into a rainbow when it hits the organizational prism.

Talent is never static and must adapt to disruptive competition, consumer needs, technological breakthroughs, economic cycles, innovation, global opportunity, investor expectations, pandemics.

So, when we talk about leadership, it’s multidimensional. It’s about understanding different leadership profiles, leadership development, team profiles, different demographics, and all of this in the context of organizational goals, market opportunity, shifts in global business.

Organizations grow when people grow, so it’s critical to get talent planning and recruitment approaches right. Young companies and fast-growing start-ups have a unique opportunity to get it right from the get-go, with structure, process and management enhanced and colored to reflect your culture. For established companies, external drivers are a catalyst for transformation, reconnecting with your people and co-creating an organization they are proud of. The result? A strong sense of empathy and shared purpose in creating a better world for customers, colleagues, and the next generation.

It’s not just multidimensional, it’s multigenerational, multilingual, multicultural, and multinational. The north star of all this is purpose. Organizational purpose aligned to personal purpose and intent. The challenge is to understand it, articulate it, bring it to life.

That’s leadership advisory.

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