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It is widely acknowledged that diversity drives better business performance, a stronger economy, and a more equitable society.

Why then, is diversity confounded by inadequate forms of recruitment?

Few people understand what diversity means, what lack of inclusion feels like, and how much there is to gain from multicultural equity in business and society.

We are personal and professional experts in diversity, equity & inclusion. As one of the few leading minority-owned search firms in North America, diversity is in our DNA. We are also Certified Diversity & Inclusion Recruiters, accredited by AIRS.

Diversity must be viewed in the context of an organization, its industry, and its customers. It doesn’t mean simply ticking the color, gender, or heritage box. It means balancing an existing team, or organization, with executives who have different backgrounds, attributes, skills, and life experiences, to those currently in place.

Such rebalancing disrupts internal thinking, minimizes ‘group think’, and reveals new customers, products, and markets.

In our search and leadership advisory work, we systematically define what diversity means with a bespoke solution for each client. We explore the make-up of the organization and its customers, we analyze company culture to understand why diversity is important and the impact it could have on the business.

We are known for DE&I leadership and our support for this growing discipline. It is so critical to our future that organizations must get it right. Experts in diversity, equity & inclusion are highly sought after and astute. Successful diversity, equity & inclusion is an act of strong governance. Governance applied to talent.


Tina Engineer-McRae

Founder And President

“Organizations must weave diversity and inclusion into the DNA of their company. Creating diverse and inclusive work environments is not an amateur venture. It requires professional skills, combining learning with experience and wisdom. With so many companies falling behind in attracting leaders who foster and measure inclusivity, there is fierce competition for diversity professionals.

I specialize in leadership advisory across the diversity space, helping organizations to understand where they are and the diversity leaders they need to sustain their business in the future.”


We find the best DE&I leaders for our clients, including:
Chief Diversity Officer
Chief Culture Officer
Global Head of People & Culture
Head of People
SVP of Culture, Engagement & Change Management
SVP, Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
VP of Inclusion, Diversity & Engagement
VP of People & Culture
Head of Change Management & Organizational Culture
Sr. Director of Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging
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