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Case Studies

Transforming HR: Enabling Growth And Building Capability In A Global Food Manufacturer

Our Client

A global food manufacturer headquartered in South Florida, with 500+ employees.


This thriving business was setting out to grow and double their revenue over the next 5 years. As they embarked in a transformational journey to scale productivity, the company reached out to M SEARCH to hire the right HR Leader who would align the capability of their People & Culture organization to the needs of the upcoming growth. That group had been historically operating under a Finance Leader. As complex situations around compliance, employee engagement and recruiting were emerging, it was time to bring in extensive Human Resources expertise to build a comprehensive approach to efficient, automated People operations and thoughtful skills building Talent Management. The client also requested the Leadership Advisory team at M SEARCH to kick start building their HR Capability by ensuring the interim HR leadership, and organizing a seamless transition with their future leader.

What We Did

Our Senior Director of Leadership Advisory joined their client team on-site and operated as an extension of the executive team for the duration of the project.

She conducted a thorough discovery of the company culture and people processes, through meetings with key stakeholders within the leadership team, production floor, and HR team. She took the time to meet and assess each member of the team, clarified roles and responsibilities, and trained each of them against some critical skills gap, and coached them on how to show up with confidence and act as partners to the business.

She designed and executed a short-term HR roadmap to ensure continuity of operations within the company. In particular, she assessed the following processes: payroll, recruiting, onboarding and training. A set of recommendations was provided to implement a full HRIS solution, including an applicant tracking system, and move away from a PEO supported model. She also drove the team to audit their onboarding process for compliance and take necessary corrective actions, revamp their orientation session, extend their sourcing strategy and enhance their recruiting practices.

She supported our VP of Executive Search to define the successful profile of the future HR leader. Within 2 months of kicking off the search, the new HR leader started, and was given a head-start through a seamless handover by our Leadership Advisory team.

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