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At M SEARCH, we believe in the power of great connections. As a valued member of our network, we are thrilled to present an exclusive opportunity for you to participate in our Referral Partnership Program.

What Is It?

Whether you are a partner of M SEARCH, or have experienced first-hand our Concierge approach, you know our firm’s reputation for excellence in Executive Search and Leadership Advisory. We want you to think of us as a trusted provider that you are proud and excited to recommend when your contacts ask you if you know someone who can make the magic happen.

In short, you introduce us to potential business opportunities with your network; we reward you upon being awarded the assignment.

How Does It Work?
  • Potential Opportunity

    Reach out to us at M SEARCH to calibrate the opportunity, ensuring this potential project is within our scope for success.

  • Warm Introduction

    Facilitate the first meeting with your contact, and we’ll take it from there!

  • Reward

    Should your Contact decide to engage M SEARCH within six months of your introduction, we’ll set aside a percentage of the total fee for our first executed contract with them and offer this reward to you, with an option to make a donation amount of your choice to one of the selected charities we support.

  • Confidentiality

    Your participation in our referral program is confidential and will not be shared by us with your contact.

Your participation in our Referral Program creates new connections that positively impact and contribute to the growth and success of your contacts and our woman and minority-owned boutique firm. Thank you for your continued trust and partnership.

Email us to request to see the terms of our contract for complete details.

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