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I Can Buy Myself Flowers: What Working Moms Really Want this Mother’s Day

Flowers are great, brunches are fun, and chocolates are sweet. But finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift for working moms is not something that can be accomplished with the click of a button.

It requires a thoughtful and dedicated commitment to creating a work environment that is equitable, diverse, and empowering.

This Mother’s Day, let’s explore how we can extend our appreciation beyond traditional gifts, focusing instead on providing structural support and an equal playing field that truly honors their contributions and leadership.

Women in Executive Roles: A Force for Change

The impact of women in leadership positions extends beyond their immediate circle; it echoes across their organizations and industries.

When women lead, they bring unique perspectives and drive transformative change for the organizations they serve. There are countless stories of women leaders driving significant outcomes. When given the reigns, women are not only capable but exceptionally adept at steering their communities and companies toward progressive milestones and inclusive practices. They also inspire the women they lead through their leadership.

As Lexi Corn beautifully points out, her experiences with a stay-at-home mom underscored vital leadership qualities such as empathy, resilience, and the ability to motivate and inspire—traits imperative to effective management and leadership in any field.

Mother’s Day Action: Take inventory of the leaders in your organization and address any failures in representation that you find.

The Necessity of Pay Equity

Pay equity is not just a matter of fairness but also a crucial factor in ensuring that mothers can provide for their families without being unduly penalized. The gender pay gap remains a persistent issue, disproportionately affecting mothers, particularly those who are single or primary caregivers. In 2022, women earned 82 cents for every dollar earned by men.

Addressing this gap is more than an ethical imperative; failing to do so opens up business risk. Disparities in pay can lead to legal challenges, including lawsuits for discrimination, which can result in potentially significant financial costs but can also damage an organization’s reputation.

Mother’s Day Action: Create a culture of salary transparency and pay equity. Companies that demonstrate a commitment to pay equity are viewed more favorably by the public, consumers, and potential business partners.

Creating Supportive Work Environments

To truly support mothers in the workplace, organizations need to implement policies that recognize and accommodate their unique needs.

This includes adequate parental leave for both mothers and fathers, flexible working arrangements like remote or hybrid options, and in-office accommodations such as nursing breakrooms.

It’s not only about making these options available but also about ensuring they are accessible without stigma or penalty.

Mother’s Day Action: Examine your benefits packages to see if your parental leave policies are competitive and compassionate. Offering short-term disability is not enough.

Position Female Leaders to Succeed

We noted earlier how impactful female leaders can be and how imperative their representation is, but you also must ensure they are set up for success and have the requisite support and resources.

Do your leaders have the budgets and teams to achieve their goals? Are their affiliation groups (women in leadership, mothers forums/slack channels, etc.) in place? Are you recognizing women who have won awards in your organization? What is the gender ratio of your C-Suite and board?

Mother’s Day Action: Not sure if the women in your organization are being supported enough or feel like they’re in a position to succeed? Ask them. Don’t assume.

This Mother’s Day, let’s broaden our perspective and consider how we can truly honor and support mothers by advocating for and implementing policies that ensure their success and well-being.

Gifts and cards are lovely, but nothing says “I appreciate you” quite like having the right leader in the right place.

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